Meat Pork


Meat Pork

To wholesalers and large distributors.

The extensive experience of Euroganaderos Group in the breeding, fattening and slaughtering of pigs has allowed us to find the perfect balance between innovation and tradition in our production processes. This balance is the key to achieving the hight quality standard of our pork.

We have enough pork fattening farms to supply meat regularly and constantly to the most demanding wholesalers.

We mainly sell white pork under request of our customers variety they demand.


We sell most common cuts of pork required by our customers.

venta canales de cerdo


Carcass is the entire body of the pig .

venta media canal de cerdo

Half Carcass

Is the result of butchering the carcass in two pieces by the back bone.

Nutritious properties

Pork is highly recommended as a food of excellent quality for its excellent nutritional properties. It has 10 times more vitamin B1 than other meats. It is also very rich in iron and minerals.

Costillas de cerdo

Carcass ranking

Council Regulation 3220/84 / EEC establishes a classification model based on the weight of the carcass and the content of lean meat, which is evaluated by authorized classification  ethods, with approved statistical valuations and based on the physical measurement of one or several anatomical parts of the canal. The carcass ranking is designated by the acronym SEUROP which establishes a scale of lean meat evaluated as a percentage of the weight of the carcass:

  • S: More than 60% of lean meat.
  • E: Between 55% and 60% of lean meat.
  • U: Between 50% and 55% of lean meat.
  • R: Between 45% and 50% of lean meat.
  • O: Between 40% and 45% of lean meat.
  • P: Less than 40% of lean meat.