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Sale of pig cattle to wholesalers and large distributors

Euroganaderos Group provides pig cattle to the main wholesalers and distributors in Europe.Thanks to its own production and its supply network, we can provision the needs of the most demanding customer. We supply cattle from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, adapting to the customer’s needs.

The group has space for fattening in Spain and Italy. In these squares white pig is raised mainly of the race pietrain. Females with an optimal fat proportion that gives a great flavor to their meat. Our cattle have between 120 and 140 kilograms of weight when it is sold for slaughter, providing channels of 90 kilos or more.

We have a supply network of the highest quality and variety of animals. This network gives us the ability to supply the exact breed of animal that each client demands in the quantities that  he desires. It is one of the strengths of the group that allows us to have earned the trust of big European customers. In addition, honesty in the treatment and hard work of our human  team make us a competitive and secure provider. This is the greatest reward for us.


Meat or live cattle

Only from our farms in Spain comes 1 million kilos of live pigs for slaughter per month. To this figure we must add another million kilos sold in pork from Spain, our production in Italy, animals from our network in Holland and the rest of Europe. Millions of kilos have been served in live cattle and meat to satisfy the needs of our customers.