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Exportation of Cattle to the Middle East and North Africa

Euroganaderos Group exports living cattle to all countries of the European Union since its origins. The group is formed by European companies united by their quality standards and animal health. Thanks to its good work, its reliability and dynamism has managed to extend its customers little by little to almost all the countries of the old continent.

The growth of the demand for live cattle from countries like North Africa and the Middle East has made to growth to this sector naturally. Our reliability, the quality of the cattle and our international experience make Euroganaderos Group a reliable provider. We have experience working for governments, public associations and private distributors always with great satisfaction on both sides.

What do we export?

The main objective of Euroganaderos Group is to satisfy our clients demands related to living cattle. Within these sectors we can export the product that our client requests us.

Currently the main products we export are:

  • Sale domestic calves for fattening, reproduction or sacrifice.
  • Live Lambs for sacrifice.
  • Refrigerated meat slaughtered according to Halal requirements.

What do I have to do if I want to import cattle to my country?

All our work is aimed at making the importation of cattle by our clients as easy as possible. From Euroganaderos Group we consult in official organisms, such as CEXGAN, the essential documentation that must be processed for the importation to the country of destination. Then, we process the essential documentation so that our cattle can leave the European Union with all the documentation in order.

Euroganaderos Group works according to INCOTERMS, international rules governed by the International Chamber of Commerce, in order to definy clearly and safely the obligations and rights of seller and buyer.

We work with 3 INCOTERMS according to our customers needs: FOB, CIF and CFR.