Foal meat


Foal meat

To wholesalers and master distributors

Currently, foal meat production in Euroganaderos Group is carried out by our company Equipirenaica. Located in the province of Huesca is specialized in breeding of horses and foals for slaughtering and human consumtion. Most of its production is exported to European countries, such as Italy or Switzerland but we are open to new markets according to customer demand.


We sell most common cuts of foal requested by our customers.

venta canales de potro


Carcass is the complete body of the foal.

venta medias canales de potro

Half Carcass

Is the result of butchering the carcass in two pieces by the back bone.

Healthy properties

Horse meat has a higher percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids than most red meats. Likewise, it is very rich in vitamin B, it has a high iron content, it is an important source of phosphorus,
magnesium, zinc and copper and its intramuscular fat presents lower rates of atherogenicity and thrombogenicity than beef or sheep meat.


Foal: Very tender meat with a mild flavor. It comes from foals less than 12 months old that once they have been weaned (6-9 months of age) enters the feedlot until it reaches an optimal conformation; The period can vary between 3 and 6 months.

Foal between 12-16 months: Very tender meat with little fat. It comes from foals that once weaned have already been several months pasturing in the meadows. They enter the feedlot with a greater development (12-16 months of age), and it is there where, thanks to the compensatory growth, they reach optimal conformations to be slaughtered in less time. This period varies between 2 and 3 months.