Euroganaderos Group - Especialistas en ganado y carne


We are a group of livestock companies specialized in the production, fattening and commercialization of live animals and meat products, with more than 60 years of experience in the sector.

Our group history

1997 –  Import-Export Euroganaderos is born in Binéfar (Huesca) Spain.
2000 – The company begins collaboration with the MERCAZARAGOZA (slaughterhouse) in Zaragoza.
2003 – The company founded with other partner that is Equipirenaica S. Coop, which fattens calves and horses.
2007 – The company creates a branch in Italy, which fattens calves and becomes a trusted supplier to the supermarket chain CONAD.
2014 – We created a processing room for sausage casings.
2015JG Global Livestock Trade is founded for the export of livestock and meat in the Middle East and North Africa.

Companies that make up our group:

More than 60 years of experience

Our experience in raising, fattening and selling livestock as a guarantee of satisfaction


100,000 heads of beef

sold in 2018


200,000 heads of lambs

marketed in 2018

world trade center zaragoza

More than 24 countries around the world

trust us

Lomos de ternera

25 million kilos of meat

sold in 2018

Domestic cattle and meat

We work with different genus of livestock

We cover the market from rearing to final product and comercialize in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Exportation of live animals


We follow the protocols

Our transportation policy is governed by the International Trade Terms


Cattle for reproduction,
fattening and slaughter

We export livestock for satisfy all needs of our customers.


We comply with the regulations
Of each country

We fulfill the necessary requirements to export to different countries.


Sanidad Animal


It is considered a key factor for the development of livestock, being of vital importance for the national economy, for public health and for the maintenance and conservation of the diversity of animal species.
For this reason: we respect and take care of all hygienic sanitary norms, as well as the traceability of food products, keeping registers of the entire chain of production, distribution and sale.
We strive to prevent and control animal diseases, as well as applying appropriate hygiene practices in the farms where we work. We respect and look after the environment.