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Bovine Cattle Sell

Euroganaderos Groups is specialised in the breeding of beefs for fattening, sacrifice or reproduction. We like to distinguish ourselves by the quality of our livestock and the professionalism in the deal with our clients.

Whether cattle is for meat or milk, the quality of their product is directly related to the health of the animal, its food and its environment. In Euroganaderos Group we know and we put the maximum effort in their care.

We make sure to provide a healthy diet with quality feed and fodder that provides the caloric needings, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins necessary to cover the needs of each stage of the calves. We don’t forget either the importance of a good supply of fresh water in its development. Amplitude and cleanliness in the stables, is basic for health and character of the calves. Overcrowding or dirt is quickly transformed into health problems that make worse the quality of meat or milk.

We also pay attention to other aspects that are perhaps less visible, but with great importance when it comes to obtaining good livestock. The crossing of animals with good genetic load, not exploiting the females with an excessive number of pregnancies and respecting the weaning times results in strong and healthy calves.


How can we help you?

The group of companies that form Euroganaderos Group covers the most important activities of the cattle business of calves. The quality of our livestock and our seriousness in the deal with our customers has allowed us to accumulate more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

We can help you in:

    • Sale of calves for fattening. We supply specific calves and calves for bait wherever our clients request it.
    • Sale of heifers for reproduction. We provide heifers for calf rearing.
    • Sale of calves for sacrifice. It is the main activity of the group and we have the capacity to supply large distributors and wholesalers.
    • Export to countries in North Africa and the Middle East. We send live cattle through the main sea routes, as well as meat sacrificed to the Halal rite.
    • Sale of refrigerated meat. First quality meat from our farms is now available in almost all countries of the European Union.