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Ovine Cattle Sale

The production of high quality ovine cattle is not an easy task. We respect the growth phases of animals, their good nutrition and especially animal welfare. In addition to a lot of dedication and hard work.

Make sure that females are healthy and strong to face 5 months of gestation. Increasing the care of the lamb during the last month ensuring its correct feeding so that healthy and strong offspring are born. We don´t advance more than necessary the weaning of the lamb. We care for the animal’s diet, water and environment during its fattening stages. The transport conditions and sacrifice are very important factors of animal welfare. Euroganaderos Group takes special care in phases of the breeding of cattle ovine, what is key in obtaining high
quality animals.

In the past, the epoque when the lambs born was concentrate it between the months of November and January. Nowadays, the demand of lamb meat is extended along all the year. This fact made possible the introduction of new productive methods than ensure their production all the year. Euroganaderos Group has a strong control of its production in order to ensure the supply of its clients.


Why do you have to choose us as lamb supplier?

The commercialisation of ovine cattle is one of the most important activities of Euroganaderos Group. We have experience supplying lambs to wholesalers and big enterprises distributors in half world.

We commercialize different types of lambs such as young lambs and meat following the highest quality standards. The satisfaction of our clients is really important for us and is related to supply a first class product.

Our commitment with our clients is a supply guarantee. Through our group enterprises or collaborators we guarantee the supplying of animals in any condition.

We have a human team with high capacity of work and efficiency. They solve all the daily problems and they make our client’s life easier.