JG Global Livestock Trade S.L.U.

JG Global Livestock Trade S.L.U.

JG Global Livestock Trade S.L.U produces and markets all areas of the bovine and ovine cattle.
We export live cattle and chilled meat by sea to the Middle East and North of Africa. Via terrestre we supply to all of Europe. We also sell livestock from South America. Our versatility and international character allows us provide a complete service to our customers.

Specialists in calves for fattening, calves and lambs for slaughter, stallions and lamb and veal meat. Our day to day is to supply these products everywhere where they are needed.

JG Global Livestock Trade S.L.U offers total quality guarantee. The success of the company is the result of professionalism, responsibility and commitment. Our reputation is backed by the satisfaction of our customers.

We supply cattle and meat of high quality where our clients request us.

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Export Specialists

We export internationally live animals and refrigerated meat


International Level

JG Global exports livestock and meat to Europe and Africa. It sells cattle from South America. It conforms to international trade terms. A company always in constant expansion in search of new markets and the satisfaction of our customers.

Seguridad y confianza

Honesty and Commitment

The experience that gives years of work in the livestock sector teaches that honesty and commitment are key when closing an agreement. Honesty generates trust in both parties. The commitment is transformed into work and means to reach a successful conclusion.

Exportación de ganado al norte de África y a Oriente Próximo

Middle East and North of Africa

We export live cattle for slaughter to countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Calves and lambs of great quality that provide the best meat. Accustomed to the necessary procedures for export, we make the purchase easy for our customers.