Lamb meat


Lamb Meat

For wholesalers or large distributors

An intense tasting meat with a juicy texture depends on raising, caring, feeding and even slaughtering. For this reason we take care to offer all the guarantees as to the quality and the origin of our meats. Our animals have been subjected to the most rigorous controls both in their feeding and in their fattening until the time of slaughter.

For Euroganaderos Group it is important to adapt to our customers. Therefore, we also offer our meat from cows slaughtered in accordance with the Halal rite in accordance with animal welfare rules.


We sell the most common cuts sheep requested by our customers.

venta canales de cordero


venta cuarto delantero de cordero

Front Area

medio trasero de cordero


piernas con cadera de cordero

Leg with hip

venta silla o cuna de cordero


pecho con falda

Chest with flank

Source of protein

The lamb meat is an excellent source of protein with a high biological value because it contains all the essential amino acids. The proof is that with one hundred grams of lean meat, half of the daily protein requirements are covered while only slightly increasing the calorie intake.

paletilla de cordero