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Sale of domestic calves for fattening

One of the most important factors for the calf fattening commerce is the acquisition of high quality breeding calves. With a high quality cattle from the beggining we achieve more easily desired rates in growth and fattening. Calves with a weight under the standar for their age can indicate some kind of problem. These types of problems can carry any disturb to the rest of calves for fattening.

Euroganaderos Group has a long experience in rearing of calves and aware in the importance of care, weaning and later feeding.These initial phases are fundamental for a future development.

Another aspect of utmost importance is to respect the natural cycles of reproduction and control the number of births of each animal. Controlling the rest of births of each animal. Controlling the cow is healthy and in good conditions to face this birth. With these types of cares and conditions we increase the probability of sucessful births and generation of healthy calves.

All our effort and work is destinated to the production of healthy calves for fattening that will be rich grown animals with great rentability.

Milk fed animals and calves for fattening

Euroganaderos Group sells milk fed animals and calves for fattening to third parties. These milk fed animals and and calves for fattening are the result of a high quality control and care to obtain healthy adult cattle with a good meat conformation.

With What breeds do we work?

Blond of Aquitaine








Blanc Bleu Belgian