Export of calves for fattening to Turkey.

Export of calves for fattening to Turkey.

More than 4,600 head of beef cattle

Last September, more than 4,600 head of cattle for bait were shipped to Turkey, from Spanish ports to the port of Derince (Turkey).

Spanish cattle of the highest quality have been selected, from Charolais and Limousine breeds and their crosses.

It is especially important for us the welfare of these animals, in the farm of origin and in the transport by boat to the destination port.

For this reason, we ensure that they receive the necessary care in their transport to arrive in optimal conditions to Turkey so that they can continue to develop, placing our trust in quality carriers and in the latest generation boats where the crew is very aware of attending them personally. and among which are veterinarians and specialized keepers to respect the welfare of these animals.

We also ensure that they have a quality diet by supplying sufficient feed of the highest quality.

We are a company specialized in serving the needs of our customers and we are working hard to maintain their trust by always sending high quality Spanish cattle.

Therefore, we have a great demand from Turkish customers who are satisfied with the product sent.