Information Note on the Transport of Live Animals

Information Note on the Transport of Live Animals


-In all our livestock movements we strictly comply with the standards set out in Regulation (EC) 1/2005, both by land and sea:

  • This Regulation includes the most important parameters that must be met during transport, in order to protect the animals we transport in the best and most appropriate way possible.
  • Due to the high temperatures registered in Spain during transport, we comply with the strict temperature control plan established in Spain together with other member states of the European Union. In this control plan we never exceed the limits set by Regulation (EC) 1/2005, because we are also the first interested in that our animals arrive in optimal conditions at their destination.
  • Before the departure of the animals at origin, we carefully check that the forecast weather conditions make the trip possible, so that if they are not met and there is a forecast of exceeding the limits, we modify dates or times.
  • We care that all those involved in transport are qualified technicians, from farmers with their animal welfare courses to drivers who must have their certificates of competence for drivers and carers in animal welfare in transport (Regulation CE 1 / 2005).
  • Also, the means of transport that we use to take our animals to their destination must have the approval certificate in force as required by the same Regulation.
  • The infrastructures of our ports and the entire loading process in the case of shipments to third countries by sea, are regulated by the aforementioned regulation and meet all the requirements so that our animals travel with minimal stress, and in the most comfortable way possible.

-We are the first interested in the health and welfare of the animals, to make them arrive in optimal conditions at their destination, for this reason we strictly comply with Regulation (CE) 1/2005 but not only by obligation, but because this way we guarantee the excellent product that we send to different international destinations.

-We deal with the end customer directly and in this way we monitor the destination farms, to check that our customers are satisfied with the animals and if they need it, we advise them on the different stages of the animals’ productive life (feeding, handling, etc.)

-This treatment with the final customer allows us to check and ensure that our animals arrive in perfect condition.

-We also take special care in longer trips, such as the destinations of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan or Turkey. We ask the captain of the ships for daily reports in which he reviews: outdoor and indoor temperature of the parks, water consumption and reserves, feed consumption and reserves, number of animals in nursing, if any, and causes …

-Euroganaderos Group moves more than 100,000 head of cattle and 200,000 head of live lambs, and that is why we are especially aware of animal welfare in transport, because we believe that it is the factor that most influences to be able to deliver the cattle in optimal condition to our final customers.